Concrete Flooring & Epoxy Coating Specialist in Sydney

Floor Levelling

Floor Leveling

Floor levelling (Ardit)

Floor Levelling Sydney Ardit is a cement based self levelling and self smoothing compound used for rectification of concrete surfaces also known as concrete resurfacing. Ardit may be applied to rough and uneven surfaces in order to level a floor, build up a floor, or to match an existing surface. Ardit is a reasonably quick drying product.

Preparation for Vinyl, Carpet and Timber

Floor preparation consists of a laser survey of the designated area marking out all highs and lows. If necessary, grind to remove all high spots and grind to remove any oils, glue or other foreign materials that have been previously applied. Where required, ardit is then laid in a seamless manner or as specified by installers so their product can be laid flat and firm.

Epoxy trowel on / roll on

An epoxy is commonly a two part mixture (A+B) which is highly durable. This is mainly applied with quarts sand and is most effective in wet areas which require a non slip surface. It is commonly found in industrial kitchens and hair salon wash areas. Epoxy can also be applied without quarts sand directly to the concrete as a finished product. This bare application is generally ideal for indoor or covered areas.